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The year 2010 marks Exactech’s silver anniversary
and 25 years of mobility.

For a quarter of a century, orthopaedic surgeons have counted on Exactech for innovations that allow them to make patients more mobile. Employees have been inspired by Exactech’s values-based culture and rewarding career opportunities. Customers experience personalized service typical of a small company, despite the double-digit growth that has won the financial community’s favor. The silver anniversary is yet another measure of Exactech’s sustainability and a celebration of its shining success.

How has Exactech achieved this important milestone when the vast majority of start-up companies fail? How—in an industry of corporate giants—has a relatively small player leveraged its strengths to provide ongoing innovations and continuing returns?

Who is Exactech, how has it beaten the odds and why will this company one day be the world leader in bone and joint restoration surgery?