Our Culture

Our cornerstone strategy: a customer-centric culture.

—Exactech President David Petty

Our Culture Surgeon looking at Xray

Our Culture Surgeons

We understand that we only fulfill our vision of improving patient outcomes if we truly understand what our surgeon customers need from us to help them perform their jobs better. An intense focus on the customer drives everything we do. Our cornerstone strategy is to sustain a “customer-centric” culture that creates customer loyalty. Those are easy words to say, but to accomplish the result with the depth of intention we mean here at Exactech takes extraordinary focus, discipline, effort and dedication of every person who works here.

Because I have the pleasure of consistently observing customers’ very positive reactions to our company, I marvel at the results Exactech employees achieve through the culture they have created and sustained. Orthopaedic surgeons who have worked with our competitors and have then come to know Exactech and our products tell me all the time, “There is something different about this company. I feel like you are really listening to me.” That’s the Exactech experience.

A clear purpose, deeply rooted corporate values and a customer-centric culture. These are the secrets to Exactech’s first quarter century of success and the sustainable foundation that guides its future.