Get Back To What You Love

Get Back To What You Love

Patients Experiencing Exactech Dan Caspersen

Managing more than 70,000 employees globally seemed easy to Dan Caspersen compared to managing debilitating pain in not one— but both of his knees. The executive vice president of Human Resources at Toys"R"Us, Inc. is an active 58-year-old who played hockey and went running regularly.


Dan Caspersen, Executive Vice President of Human Resources at Toys"R"Us


Patients Experiencing Exactech Kevin Hindle Photo

Kevin Hindle, a 47-year-old manufacturing engineer at Exactech, regained his active lifestyle with an innovative new knee implant that he helped develop.

 - Kevin Hindle, Manufacturing Engineer



Patients Experiencing Exactech Peter Jacobsen Photo

Peter returned to the golf course just six weeks after his knee replacement surgery. He’s back to his vigorous schedule of work and play. So what’s Jake’s take on life with his new knee? "It feels so natural - it's like I was born with it!" he says.

 - Peter Jacobsen, Champions Tour Pro Golfer



Northsea Testimonial

What motivates you to get up every day? For some, it is spending quality time with family and friends; for others, it is knowing that you are improving the lives of deserving people. For an English teacher of 45 years, Dr. Steve Northsea debilitating arthritis threatened to rob him of both.

 - Dr. Steve Northsea, English Teacher and father




This is the result of a single patient’s experience. With any surgery, there are potential risks and results will vary depending on the patient.